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Feel the breeze as you zip over the cliffs and through the fields of the Vicentina Coast, making your way from one wild Atlantic beach to the next. Aljezur definitely feels like the last unconquered corner of South-Western Europe; largely because it is very much that. But getting around does require a vehicle. There is no such thing as walking distance in this part of the world. Getting from Aljezur “town” to Monte Clérigo beach is about 8 km, which is what most distances are like in the area. Scooting around is a great option; it provides the pace and the proximity to the scenery that you will never get in a car and you’ll have no problem parking at the beaches! If you’re looking for a Scooter rental in Aljezur, at Indy Scooters we’re delighted to provide you with this option as you plan your holidays. Hop on one of our funky motorcycles and breathe the freedom. We love them and we know you will too.

Why rent a scooter in Aljezur?

As you ride from Monte Clerigo to Arrifana feel the warmth of the sun on your knees and arms, and the fresh sea breeze on your face. As you turn off the ignition the sound of birds singing and rolling waves will come into sharp focus. What a joy it is to be in Aljezur! It is also the kind of place where you don’t want to miss the proximity to nature you will get from driving a scooter. From the fabulous meander of Odeceixe up north to the magnificent Praia dos Homens and Bordeira beaches in the South, there are so many beautiful beaches and scenic country roads to explore, and no cooler way to do it.

You turn off the ignition and hop off! wow, look at that ocean! check out the waves! or the surfers.. or that sunset… Zoom off to the cliff-top bar and grab a beer. Then your’re off to dinner in Aljezur town, and back to your guesthouse scooting under the stars. Watch out for the owls in the middle of the road! Scooters, of course, are great for one or for two. If you are alone, freedom is complete, if you are two, what a great experience to share! if you are three, the more the merrier! (but you will need two scooters!)

Wherever you’re going all you have to do is get there. Look at all those cars trying to find somewhere to park! At the beach.. yep, parking is a bit of a problem in summer. Aljezur is small and low key.. but there are more cars than places to park, that’s for sure. Your fun little motorcycle? That can take a break just about anywhere! Don’t you hate getting somewhere in 15 minutes and then spending another 10 parking, and another 5 walking from the car to where you were going (the beach)? Yes, we do to. That’s why 15 on a scooter is a bargain!

Ok, ok, our scooters are not electric. We’ll be honest, they would be far more expensive to rent if they were, and, regardless of where you are staying, we’re not sure your hosts would be too happy about you charging up there. Also, you don’t want to run out of battery away from home. Distances in Aljezur are short, but not that short. Generally you’re going to spend 10 to 30 minutes getting from A to B. That you can do on very little fuel on a motorbike. Our scooters are manufactured to meet the Euro 4 emissions standards, so, while you’re doing the pachamama no favour, you’re hurting it far less than if you’re driving a car. Just something to bear in mind..

So Portugal is one of the countries with the lowest per capita GDPs in Western Europe, which would make you think stuff must be cheap. Well, some things are, but petrol certainly isn’t! It is amongst the most expensive in Europe, with prices at the time of writing generally over €1,65/liter. Now, guess what is a good way to keep that cost down…

Places to go

Odeceixe, Bordeira, Amoreira and many more..

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