Your options in a nutshell.

Getting from Faro airport to Aljezur without a car is not easy, but understanding your options is even harder, with information out there scattered and timetables highly variable depending on weekdays and public holidays. We have tried to organise the info that is out there in a practical manner. Hopefully it will help you decide how you want to do it.

The cheapest and slowest option to get to Aljezur after landing in Faro is using public transport all the way. The fastest and most expensive is just getting a taxi or booking an exclusive transfer service. There are a couple of in-between options that entail getting a shared shuttle, that will probably do a stopover in Lagos to drop somebody off, or a combination of direct bus to Lagos and taxi from there to wherever you’re staying in Aljezur.

Your pick will obviously depend on how much you want to spend, how much of a hurry you are in, and whether you are alone or travelling with one, two or more people. Below you will find a description of 5 different options, with prices and links to timetables. Quite frankly we cannot recommend option A, but options B and C are interesting and reasonably priced.  C is our favourite for a balance of swiftness and affordability, but if you fancy checking out Lagos and spending a night there we recommend B.


Option A. Public transport in 3 steps; only for the very brave.

This is the slowest and cheapest. If you are travelling alone,  are not in a hurry and enjoy visiting bus and/or train stations, this is the one for you.

Step 1: Faro Airport to bus or train station

Variation 1: Faro city bus from faro Airport to Faro Bus Terminal or Train station.

The company is Próximo and number is 16 (make sure you get it in the right direction as the airport is not the end of the line). It runs roughly once an hour, and is a 20 minute ride to the bus station and a little less to the train station (the stop before). Fortunately train station and Bus Station are within a 3 minute walk from each other, so if you miss one you can easily get the other. See full time table here.

Faro train and bus station

Faro train and bus station       

Variation 2: Taxi to train or bus station


You just get a taxi from the airport to the bus or train station, it’ll set you back about €10 and you’ll get there in about 10 minutes; a smart option if you have to wait long for the next 16 bus.

Step 2: Faro to Lagos

Variation 1. Bus from Faro bus Terminal to Lagos bus Terminal.

Departures roughly every two hours (on weekdays) for a two hour journey. The bus company is Eva and the bus line is called (Transrápido). Check out the timetables here (Term.Rodiviário = Faro Bus Terminal). Do notice how extremely limited this service is on weekends and public holidays (2 daily). How much does it cost? Nobody picked up the phone to tell us the price, but it should be about €6 or €7..

Variation 2. Train from Faro to Lagos.

See timetables here. (Again watch out for the small print on these timetables regarding weekends and public holidays). The train ride is somewhat faster than the bus ride (about 1.40h) and the train station in Lagos is a 10 minute walk across the bridge to the Faro bus terminal, from which you can continue your trip to Aljezur. The price is €7,40 one way. Don’t bother trying to book online as you will only be shown the more expensive tickets which involve getting two separate trains. The timetables you get following the link above are for the regional trains (R) which are direct. Just turn up at the station and buy your ticket there.


Lagos bus and train station

Step 3:  Lagos to Aljezur 

There are two bus companies servicing this route. The cheaper EVA (€4 for a 50 minute ride) only runs on weekdays (departures at 8:45 12:35 13:45 16:40 18:20 19:15 ). Rede-Expressos has comfortable coaches that cost €7,60 leaving 3 times a day, at 8:30, 9:00 and 15:20. You can book online here 

Option B. (2 Steps) Two buses or bus+ taxi. A quick stopover in Lagos

A fairly reasonable option (even on weekends!) specially if your flight times tie in well. It is our favourite if you would like to visit Lagos.

Step 1 Faro Airport to Lagos direct

There is a service called Get On, operated by Eva Transport which runs 4 times a day every day of the week from Faro airport strait to Lagos (departures at 9:30, 11:00, 16:00, 18:25). It takes 2 hours and costs €6,20. As far as we have been informed you can just turn up and there is always room on the bus; there is no advance booking option.

Step 2 Lagos to Aljezur (bus or taxi/uber)

From there you could carry on to Aljezur by bus using either Rede-Expressos or Eva (see step 3 of option A above), or get a taxi or Uber, which would cost €30-€40.

Option C. Shared shuttle strait to Aljezur. Fast and not too expensive.

Lagos Transfers (+351 910 000 555) organise shared shuttles from Faro airport all the way to Aljezur for €45 per person. They require a minimum of two people, so if you are alone you can book in advance and hopefully someone else will book too or might have already done so. The company has told us that if they have people going to Lagos and only one person continuing on to Aljezur the €45 rate would still hold for that person. If there is no one else sharing the trip you would have to pay the €90 for the ride or cancel. You book online (up to 16 hours before) and pay the driver. This seems to be the smartest option if you alone or in a group of two.


Option D. Taxi; bling-bling!

Luis Marreiros  is your reliable local Aljezur taxi option. Taxi prices are fixed and the ride will cost about €115-€120. The taxi is a big Mercedes which can comfortably carry 3 people and their luggage. Call him on +351 917 574 630


Option E. Your own shuttle service; if you’re in a gang!

If you are in a larger group for the same price as the taxi you can get a larger vehicle to accommodate more people. This can be arranged by Yellow Fish transfers. Yellow Fish transfers

Which is best?

Option A is definitely a tough one, particularly on weekends, but options B and C are not that bad.

One last thing you need to consider is where in Aljezur you are staying. If you reach Aljezur by shuttle or taxi you will be taken to wherever your accommodation is, which might be Arrifana or Vale da Telha, which are about 8-10 km from Aljezur town. In this case if you are taking option B we definitely recommend  going with the taxi option for getting from Lagos to Aljezur.

We haven’t included info specifically on how you make it from Aljezur to Faro airport, but what goes one way, basically goes the other, so you should be able to figure it out easily.

If you’ve read through to this point you definitely see why most people chose to rent a car, specially as it is so complicated to even understand what your best option is. This is why we have arranged this information for you. Also because we want you to come Aljezur without a car. Aljezur doesn’t need any more cars! Rent a scooter instead, enjoy the proximity to the scenery and don’t be bothered with the hassle of parking every time you go to the beach, or even to the supermarket! You will also be cutting your carbon emissions by about 2/3. And as to getting from the Airport to Aljezur, you might also consider breaking up the trip if you can spare the time. Spend an evening in Lagos, the city from which Portugal, and indeed Europe, embarked in the age of explorations in the 15th Century. It is well worth it!