About Us

Indy Scooters is a bunch of snazzy scooters brought to you by Clara and Jordi. As the only licensed scooter rental company in the area we strive to make your experience easy, friendly and memorable.

We are both from Barcelona, where we lived until we decided to trade the city we love the most for the this magical rural spot by the Atlantic called Aljezur. Clara worked in fashion and marketing before getting involved with scooters and Jordi was a conference interpreter. We opened Indy Scooters in June 2019 and are still in the process of learning many things. But we like learning.

Our goal is to help make Aljezur somewhere that can be enjoyed without a car. Having seen how difficult parking gets at the beaches and in town during the summer months we thought the place could benefit from some alternative transport options that would decongest these beautiful spots. We also love the pace and the sense of freedom you get from riding a scooter, and being able to provide such an option for our clients makes us really happy. For us it’s all about seeing the smile on your face as you leave our store with your scooter or when you come back after a few days exploring the area.