Solo travelling is cool

Let’s be honest here, travelling solo is often the best way to travel. When you travel on your own you don’t need to compromise much, you can chose your pace, what you do with your days, where you go to next and how long you stay. Your relationship to the places you discover is often deeper, more personal than when you are in a group, which is always like taking your world with you and imposing it on the places you visit. You are also naturally more open to meeting people, engaging in conversation with strangers, all while having the choice of keeping to yourself: reading, writing; whatever is your thing. Do yo agree with this? If you do, there is a very special part of the world I would like to tell you about. As a solo traveller in Portugal you cannot miss the Western Algarve and Aljezur!

The Natural Park of the Costa Vicentina.

From the tip of Sagres to Odeceixe is the Western Algarve proper. The municipalities of Vila do Bispo and Aljezur cover an expanse of spectacular coastline which is not only a surfer’s paradise, but also a wonderful area for a number of outdoor activities, from trecking to cycling and horse-riding. The whole area is part of a natural park “Parque natural da Costa Vicentina e do Sudoeste Alentejano”, which extends further north into the Western Alentejo. It’s a bit of a funny natural reserve as it was created with a number of pre-existing villages and small urbanised areas within it, so it has a special flavour to it, as if construction was stopped in time, with coastal villages remaining the size they were decades back. As a matter of fact the main villages are inland, along the N-120 and the N-268 roads: Vila do Bispo, Aljezur, Odeceixe; Sagres of course, being on the coast. 

Amazing beaches of Aljezur.

All along this coast you will encounter the most spectacular beaches you have ever seen. Does that sound exaggerated? Ok, it might be. But once you see them you will have a hard time remembering beaches more amazing than these: majestic Arrifana at the foot of the cliff, looking out to the “agulha”, a massive vertical rock protruding in mid Ocean; Odeceixe beach, which is practically an island made by the river meandering out to the big blue; massive Bordeira, where the sand extends inland hundreds of meters and the boardwalks and the river create a unique postcard view; Monte Clérigo, with its quaint little houses covering the ocean-side hill; these are all world class. There are beaches, but also, cliffs and rivers, and forests, and, also importantly, no crowds! No high rises spoiling nature, no cheesy tourist spots, -this is not Magaluf-, it is in fact the exact oposite. There are some people though, it isn’t the desert: there are local farmers and fishermen and hippy expats, there are surfers, and hikers, and a bunch of campers, that’s true.

The West Coast experience.

Although it is all low-key, there are a few bars, cafés and restaurants in the area, where you will be able to socialise, listen to live music and eat some of the best fish ever; and if you’re vegan or vegetarian, you will have plenty of good options too. All along the coast you will also find friendly  and comfortable guesthouses and hostels to suit your budget and mood. Are you sold yet? 

You might be wondering about getting here and getting around.

One option is to rent a car. You can land in Faro airport and you rent one; but let’s face it: driving around in your car alone.. not really cool is it? Also not very nice to the environment. It is however quite easy to get to Aljezur, Carrapateira, or Sagres, from Faro airport, Lisbon or Lagos using public transportation. Bus services are reasonably good. Once in the area however, you need wheels, because there is no local public transport to get you from the towns to the beaches, or from one beach to the next. But what’s cooler than getting around on a scooter? This is where we, Indy Scooters, come in. You don’t need a credit card and you don’t need to plan too far ahead. If you make Aljezur your base for exploring the area; and that can be Aljezur, Vale da Telha or Arrifana, basically anywhere within a 10 k radius from us, we’ll pick you up and take you to our store where you will get the two wheels you need to explore the area in style; in that unhurried, free-spirited way that comes with riding a scooter. Bus it to the area and then rent a scooter to explore it, as a solo traveller, this is the way to do it. And, as a business that is what we would like to help you with. Nice pitch, eh? Anyways, however you chose to do it, We look forward to seeing you soon 😉