Scooting around Aljezur and the Western Algarve is so much fun. Do it for two days and you’ll be wanting it to last a week! But before you book there’s a bunch of things you probably want to know. We have done our best to explain everything about renting an Indy Scooter in this section.

Am I eligible to rent a scooter?2019-07-17T10:00:44+02:00

For our 50 CC scooters you need to be 20 or over and to have been in possession of a valid driving licence (A or B) for at least one year. Additionally we require minimum scooter driving experience. If you have never driven a scooter we can arrange a lesson for you for €30 to teach you the basics, after which you should be able to rent a scooter if both you and us feel confident. For 125CC scooters you need to be 25 and to have had a valid driving licence for at least 2 years (A or B), as well as ample experience driving a scooter.

What does the price include?2019-06-26T10:32:45+02:00

Our prices include one helmet, one lock and one scooter. A second helmet and a top case to carry/store stuff can be rented as extras and a second driver can be added on to the Rental Agreement for a fixed price per contract. Our prices also include third-party liability insurance (for all drivers) and occupant insurance (provided the driver os 25 or older).

I have never driven a scooter, I would like to book a lesson!2019-07-17T10:24:42+02:00

If you’ve never driven a scooter and would like to try, we would be delighted to get you started. We take you on the back of our scooter somewhere that’s good for beginner practice and teach you the basics. On the way back to the store you will be driving and your instructor will be on the back. If you’re ok to do this, we’ll be happy to rent you a scooter. The lesson should last between 30 minutes and one hour in total and costs €30. In order to book a lesson, call us on +351 912 391 866.

Where are you located?2019-06-26T10:33:33+02:00

We’re located on the ground floor of the sector B apartment blocks in Vale da Telha, Aljezur, about 2 km from Arrifana beach, 5 from Monte Clérigo beach and 8 Km from Aljezur town.

How can I get there?2019-07-14T15:25:12+02:00

If you are staying in Vale da Telha or Arrifana we are within walking distance, but if you feel lazy we can pick you up and take you back at the end of you rental period for free if your booking is for two days or more, and for €10 if it is for only one day. If you are staying in Aljezur town we can do the same (see next question).

How can I book the free transfer service?2019-07-14T15:20:39+02:00

Just reply to your booking confirmation email telling us where you need to be picked-up. We can then coordinate via Whatsapp. Please keep in mind this service is free only if you book for 2 days or more.

Where can I drive the scooter?2019-06-26T10:23:06+02:00

You can drive it on paved roads. If we find out that you are driving on dirt tracks you will be in breach of contract. Some dirt tracks look easy at the outset but can become far more challenging further on… In future we will authorize certain unpaved tracks in the area, but as a rule: no. You are also not allowed to drive on the highway.

What type of fuel do your scooters use?2019-06-26T10:23:29+02:00

Anything that includes the number 95 and the word “gasolina” at the pump. Don’t screw this up, please! It will be hassle for us and cost you money!

Must I return the Scooter with a full tank?2019-06-26T10:23:46+02:00

Yes. We will charge you if you don’t, not only the cost of fuel, but the cost to us of going to get the tank filled. The closest petrol station is in Aljezur town, on the road going out towards Rogil.

Can I extend my rental period?2019-06-26T10:25:47+02:00

We will gladly extend it for you provided the scooter is available and you ask us in time. But this is something we cannot guarantee until you make the request.

What do I need to bring with me to rent a scooter?2019-07-17T10:07:08+02:00

You need to bring a valid driving licence, your ID or passport, and money to pay (cash or debit/credit card). You also need to have €200 available to be blocked as a deposit on your card (we accept cash for the deposit too).

Do I need a credit card to rent a scooter?2019-09-05T14:06:33+02:00
No, we take all major debit and credit cards for payment. For the €200 deposit we take with every rental (pre-authorisations), we take all major credit and debit cards except Maestro. So if you only have a Maestro card you need to bring €200 in cash for the deposit. 
What payment methods do you take?2019-06-26T10:26:59+02:00

We take all major debit and credit cards. You pay 25% up front when making your online booking. Our online payments system is Stripe. Rest assured, we can’t access your card details, but the amount of the booking is chargeable for us in case you simply don’t show up.. Read our cancellations policy below if you are concerned about this. Once you come to our store we will charge the balance on the booking, plus any extras you chose to add on at that point.

Do you take a deposit to ensure I treat the scooter well and as a guarantee against any misuse?2019-06-26T10:27:18+02:00

Yes we do. We put a €200 hold on your card until safe return of the vehicle (so bear this in mind in relation to your card/ account balance). If everything is in order at that time, we will release the balance. If any penalty applies due to damage, late return, etc, we will charge you separately, then release the hold. If we cannot use the later method we would charge the held deposit directly.

What is your cancellations policy?2019-08-23T15:11:44+02:00

If you cancel up to 48 hours your rental we will refund the amount you have paid up front minus €5 to cover for stripe commissions and the inconvenience to us. If you cancel after that we will charge the full amount of your booking. Once your rental contract is signed and you have your scooter we will not refund you if you want to shorten the rental period.

If you wish to cancel, please send us an email with the word “Cancelation” and your booking number in the subject.

Do you provide insurance?2019-06-26T10:31:26+02:00

We include free third-party liability insurance on all our rentals through a specific insurance for rentals with Allianz. It also covers the scooter’s occupants (provided the driver is 25 or over), but not damages to the vehicle. This is why we take a rental deposit and tie things in nicely in our Rental Agreement.

What will happen if I return the scooter with damages?2019-06-26T10:28:23+02:00

Unless you can prove that you are not responsible you will be liable to cover whatever cost we incur as a result in accordance with the terms of the Rental Agreement.

What are your opening hours?2019-10-11T13:13:24+02:00

In October  you can book and return scooters within the following timetable: Monday-Sunday 10:00-13:00 and 15:00-18:00.  The store however will remain closed unless you have a booking. Bookings up to 3 hours before rental.

Can I pick up or return the scooter outside your opening hours?2019-06-26T10:28:59+02:00

No, you cannot

Have you taken any special measures as a consequence of Covid-192020-05-14T18:32:58+02:00

Yes we have. Masks are compulsory for us and for you when you come to our store. We have disinfecting gel available for you and we use it ourselves (constantly). We pay special attention to disinfecting our helmets after every use and have established a system to rotate their use ensuring as much time as possible elapses between usage of the same helmet by different customers. Ours scooters are cleaned after every customer and the parts we touch the most with our hands are disinfected regularly, as are items you come into contact with in our store: desk, chairs, etc. And, needless to say, one customer at a time in the store.