Lisbon-Aljezur by bus: prices and bookings.

Getting to Aljezur from Lisbon or from Lisbon to Aljezur by bus is relatively easy and straight forward.  Rede Expressos operates buses that will get you straight from Lisbon to Aljezur 4 times a day. The duration of the journey is between 3:40h and 4:40h depending on the route followed by the bus. Those stopping in Sines take a little longer. How much does it cost? Tickets are only about €15 and you can get them right here..


The Lisbon to Aljezur bus experience.

Flavia from Onda Vicentina

So you hop on the bus at Lisbon’s bustling Sete Rios bus terminal for a journey south, the first part of which is on the highway. Flavia, who moved from Rome to Aljezur eight years ago, co-owns and runs Onda Vicentina, one of the nicest guesthouses anywhere, but located in Vale da Telha, Aljezur; right between the stunning beaches of Monte Clérigo and Arrifana! She loves life in the Western Algarve, but when she wants a city break she heads to Lisbon; always by bus: “The buses are modern and comfortable, they have wifi that works really well on them, and, most importantly, they are punctual. I really enjoy the ride, especially the half of the journey between Gândola and Aljezur, along the scenic country roads. I love looking down at the sleepy villages on the way, and the countryside you cross in the Alentejo is really nice. There are a few bends in the road, there’s no denying that, but it’s nice anyway.

The bus also stops for a short restroom break at Porto Covo or Vilanova de Milfontes, which is convenient”. Flavia tells us she definitely recommends the bus ride, and adds “It really is a relaxing journey and doesn’t take much longer than it would if you were driving your own car.  Travelling by bus gives you a different perspective, you are physically higher up, so the view is just better in general; you can also just relax and read a book, look out the window, or watch a movie”. She’s definitely got a pint here Taking the bus is also far better environmentally. Imagine how many cars you need to carry the same number of people! Using buses is much the same as scooters in that sense, you’re cutting your carbon emissions footprint by about 2/3, possibly more!

How to get around in Aljezur.

When you get to Aljezur you can then rent a scooter, which is the smartest way to get around. Aljezur already has by far too many cars, and parking is very complicated, specially at the beaches and in town during the summer months! And how will you get from the bus station to where you’re staying in Arrifana or Vale da Telha? Easy! you don’t need to worry about that. If you’re staying for more then one day -and at Aljezur you clearly should!- Indy Scooters will pick you up at the bus station, swing by your accommodation to drop off your bag and take you to our store, which you will leave equipped with a funky scooter that will make your stay amazing. When you are leaving (you won’t want to), the same process applies in reverse order. Sweet!