Book online to get a 10% discount and a faster process when picking up your scooter at our store. Use the “sweet potato” discount code at the end of the booking process to get your 10% off!

Online Booking Prices
Scooter 50ccScooter 125cc2nd HelmetTop Case
1 day€30.60€34.20€2.70€2.70
2 days€55.80€59.40€5.40€5.40
3 days€79.20€83.70€7.20€7.20
4 days€99.00€103.50€9.00€9.00
5 days€117.00€123.30€10.80€10.80
+ days€14.40€15.30€1.80€1.80
Store Walk-in Prices
Scooter 50ccScooter 125cc2nd HelmetTop Case
1 day€34.00€38.00€3.00€3.00
2 days€62.00€66.00€6.00€6.00
3 days€88.00€93.00€8.00€8.00
4 days€110.00€115.00€10.00€10.00
5 days€130.00€137.00€12.00€12.00
+ days€16.00€17.00€2.00€2.00
  • Basic scooter rental includes: Scooter, 1 helmet, padlock, 3rd party liability insurance, and, if the driver is 25 or over, occupant insurance.

  • We do free pick-ups and post-rental returns to accommodation in Aljezur town, Espartal, Monte Clérigo, Arrifana and Vale da Telha for 2-day or longer rentals. For one day rentals we charge €10 or €15 depending on distance.

  • If you have never driven a scooter, or have very little experience and are not fully confident driving one, we can arrange a 1 hour scooter driving lesson for 30 euros. Please get in touch to book this in advance.

Neco Azuro 50 CC

Our brand new Neco Azzuros:

These spicy little things exude Italian elegance. The Azzuro has a smart 4-stroke 50CC engine, which gets you up to about 55km/h, an ideal speed to enjoy the beauty of the area. Measuring 1820x685x1135mm it sits two comfortably and has ample room for a helmet under the seat. Easy to drive with its CVT automatic transmission, its 5 liter tank will get you plenty of mileage for just a few euros. It is the perfect friend to get around the Aljezur area in style!

Fancy a ride? 😉