This article is for independent surfers seeking to rent surfing gear at the beaches in Aljezur. If you are renting a scooter to move around or are simply not bothered with all the hassle of sticking your surfboard in or on your car, and then lugging it from wherever you get to parking to the beach and back again, we have the basic info you need. The main thing you need to know, though, is this: You can rent your board and wetsuit at every beach in Aljezur.

Depending to the beach and actual proximity to the water you are looking at paying somewhere between 25 and 50 for both items per day. Short rentals are for 3 generally for 3 hours, with full day being a bit more expensive and additional days costing significantly less than the first day. The prices in this article will be on the basis of a full day rental, but as a rule of thumb you can consider that if a board for a full day is €30, for 3 hours it will be €20, if it is €20 for a full day, it will probably be €15 for a half day. It is generally the surf schools that rent out equipment, so you can consider getting lessons from them too.

Let’s go through the different beaches and your options at each one.

Board rental right on the beach in Arrifana


The beach here is at the foot of a cliff and there’s a long winding road that gets you down there, on the sides of which parking is strictly speaking not allowed and in any case limited (unless you’re on a scooter that is!). In practice this means if you’re not getting your board at the beach you’re going to have to carry it down and back up. This accounts for the steep difference in rental prices, with Arrifanasurfschool (+351 961690249) down at the beach charging €30 a day only for the surf board and €15 for the wetsuit. At the top of the cliff you will find a couple of more affordable options that do however involve some walking with your gear. The closest is Sea You Café (+351 965 259 427), just a little past the turn down towards the beach as you come from Aljezur, where the daily price for a board is €20 and €10 for a wetsuit. A little further still, on this occasion before you reach the beach when coming from Aljezur, is AlgarveAdventure. They also charge €20 per day for board and €10 for wetsuit, buy only €25 for both items. They have a special deal with Billabong which ensures they always have new material in excellent condition. They have a base in Monte Clérigo too!

Rent your board right at the beach in Monte Clérigo from Algarve Adventure

Monte Clérigo

Here Algarve Adventure  are definitely the best option (speak to Bernardo on week days +351 914656522 or Peer on weekends +351913533363). You will find them at the lowest point of the road in the short stretch that runs parallel to the beach. Here you can rent at the prices described in the section above. You can even consider a several day rental that includes the possibility of alternating between Arrifana and Monte Clérigo. This could prove very convenient, as a bigger swell might mean Monte Clérigo waves could be too big for you and a smaller one might make Arrifana too flat.. You could rent for a week say, and alternate between beaches depending on what’s going on with the ocean.


At Amoreira beach you can rent your gear at the beach from Atlantic Riders. You can’t pre-book your board there, but you can turn up and they will have boards available for you nine times out of ten. The prices here are steep, €35 for a board for the day +€15 for wetsuit; these more expensive prices, as in Arrifana reflect the fact that as holders of the Amoreira license they are responsible for covering the costs of lifeguards at the beach.

A Smart Wetsuit Option

Renting a surfboard at the beach in Aljezur is not cheap, but it’s not that difficult and it is definitely very comfortable. A smart option if you’re surfing several days is to rent your surfboard at the beach, but your wetsuit in Aljezur town. At The WashoutThe Washout on the main street in Aljezur you could rent your wetsuit for €8 for a day and for €43 for a week, which would allow you to just turn up at the beach of your choice and get your board without having to go through the trying on wetsuits part.

In case you’re wondering about surf racks..

PD: You might be wondering why at Indy Scooters we don’t rent surf racks for our scooters. Actually this is something we very much wanted to do when starting our business, but we ran into a major difficulty: the law and insurance. Strictly speaking it is illegal, which means that even if the police might turn a blind eye, we (and the driver) would run into huge trouble if there was ever an accident involving a surfboard on one of our scooters. Also, to be quite blunt, unless you are a very experienced surfer (small board) and pretty experienced on a motorcycle, we feel it could be quite dangerous, as gusts of wind hitting a surfboard laterally can be very destabilising. So, the bottomline is: rent at the beach, this is by far the most comfortable option.