Thank you for your booking. Your Aljezur scooting experience is waiting for you!

Please bear in mind the following:


We can pick you up anywhere in Vale da Telha, Arrifana and in Aljezur town. Although if you are in the old town we may ask you to go to the market square. If you have requested a transfer and have not informed us of the pick-up location when booking please send us an email to let us know where you want to be picked up . Also make sure we can reach you one hour before your booking time on the phone number you have provided us. If you wish to add a transfer service to your booking please request by replying to your booking email, at least 4 hours before your scheduled rental time, and don’t forget to tell us where you want to be picked up!


Generally we can add them at the store if you haven’t booked them. But if you wish to add a Top Case, letting us know in advance will save time, as we won’t have to assemble it when you’re at our store. Helmets or an extra driver we can always add on the fly, but if your head is very big or very small, advance warning will also help us guarantee the right size for you. 🙂


If you wish to cancel your booking, just send us an email requesting it. We will give you a full refund  minus €5 (for processing charges and bank fees) provided you cancel up to 48 hours before your scheduled rental. If your cancelation is later or you don’t show up we take full payment. 

Terms and conditions

By making this booking you have declared that you agree to the contents of our Rental Agreement general conditions. If you re-read them after booking and find you disagree, make sure you cancel your booking, because they aren’t negotiable! Don’t worry, there’s nothing threatening in them, we’re just protecting ourselves.

Having said all this, we’re looking forward to meeting you in beautiful Aljezur!