Hiking South-West Portugal

The most southernly stretch of Portugal’s Atlantic coast is one of the finest best preserved coastlines in Southern Europe. Rota Vicentina is a network of 750 km of pedestrian trails spanning the Natural Park of the Costa Vicentina and South-West Alentejo, which extends from the tip of Sagres to Santiago do Cácem. Some trails such as those along the Historical Way, are mainly inland, but the most outstanding ones are along the Fisherman’s Trail. This is all about  hiking along the cliff-tops and looking out over the massive ocean as it crashes into the cliffs below. In addition to the spectacular rock formations that line the coast these hikes will take you through pine forests and shrubland, covered in wild flowers and down to the most amazing beaches below.

Rota Vicentina fisherman's trail

Walking past the Western Algarve’s most amazing beaches

Rota Vicentina is organised in stages so you can organise your trip making your way down the coast towards Cabo São Vicente towards Aljezur and Vila Nova de Milfontes. A Walking holiday, great as it is, will at some point leave you exhausted, and your legs asking for a break. Fitting in any other activities is often difficult, as once you get to wherever it is you’re going to spend the night, you generally won’t be within walking distance of places to eat or to have a drink and socialise. You might also find yourself a few kms from that beautiful beach you walked past and where you would really like to spend some quality beach-time Pity that. For example Arrifana.

Arrifana beach


Rent a scooter in Aljezur and give your legs a rest

So we have a proposal for you. Take a break, get yourself a scooter and treat yourself to two, three, or four days relaxing in and around Aljezur, where you will find unsurpassed beaches, excellent cuisine, and a few places to hang out in the evening to socialise and listen to live music. And if you feel brave, you might even rent a surfboard or get a surf-lesson and spend sometime in that deep blue ocean you’ve been enthralled by on your trek. If nothing else you will want to enjoy those amazing sunsets over the Atlantic at Arrifana or Monte Clérigo beaches. How could you miss that. To make your walking holiday complete you might do well to stop walking for a few days and indulge. We, Indy Scooters, are a scooter rental outfit based in Aljezur (which is our favourite place anywhere). If you’re staying in the area, we provide free pick-ups. Hiking along our beautiful coastline is a wonderful experience, but beach-hopping on our fun scooters for a few days will give your holiday that perfect balance. Think about it.